Potassium Humate CAS. No.:  68514-28-3

Potassium Humate CAS. No.: 68514-28-3

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Potassium Humate CAS. No.: 68514-28-3

Potassium Humate

Water soluble powder of Potassium Humate 85%

Potassium Humate  is a bio-active growth-stimulant and soil conditioner with 85% humic acids, especially for sandy and clay soils. It can be applied to all agricultural and horticultural plants. It can enhance the performance of fertilizers and reduces input-costs.

Potassium Humate is is a water soluble high quality plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner and can be applied for agricultural and horticultural plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, turf and pasture for soil and foliar application. It is a permanent humic substance and can not be degraded that fast by the micro-organisms of the soil. It can be used together with or without most fertilizers and micronutrients. It is gained through alkaline extraction from highly oxidized lignites (known as Leonardite). It arises at the chemical and biological humification of plant and animal matter and by the biological activity of microorganisms. They provide a very high content of humic and about 60 natural biologically active trace elements.

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