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The importance of Arachidonic acid

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The importance of Arachidonic acid


What are DHA & ARA?

DHA & ARA are two essential fatty acids, part of the Omega-3 fatty acid group. They are also called lipids. They are vital to proper brain and eye development in babies. The body is able to produce these two fatty acids as long as it has a good source of the other lipids required for production, but may not be able to reach the required levels without an extra source.

Arachidonic acid ( called ARA or AA for short; C20:4(��-6) ), a omega-6 (��-6 or n-6) long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, is an essential fatty acid in human body and exists abundantly in brain and nerve tissue.

The supplement of ARA is very important for growth and development of the infant, and helpful in improving intelligence and visual acuity. In adult healthcare, ARA can promote lipid metabolism, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and improve human immunity.